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I am a fourth year studying psychology, applied psychology, professional writing, and technology management at the University of California, Santa Barbara. I am passionate about both psychology and design which fuels my interest in the field of marketing. In my free time I love going to the beach, practicing yoga, drinking excessive amounts of coffee, and befriending stranger's dogs.

Kiyana Aryan Eshai
Name : Kiyana Aryan Eshai
Email : kiyanaeshai1@gmail.com
Linkedin : Kiyana Eshai


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    Psychology taught me how individuals perceive, interpret, and respond to information. Technology Management courses gave me a solid foundation in marketing principles. I can apply both my understanding of perception, and knowledge of marketing principles to my work in the field.

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    I am learning about web design as a professional writing minor in the multimedia communications track and web-design intern for Starting Lines. Over the past year, I learned important design principles. Furthermore, I am currently developing my HTML and CSS skillset.

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    Designing and running my own psychology experiment, taking courses in research methods, and working as a research assistant helped me develop my research skillset. This skillset enables me to come up with a research question, develop an experiment, run the experiment, and analyze and share the results.

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    I am currently serving as the public relations officer of Psi Chi and publicity chair of Alpha Gamma Alpha. As such, I have experience managing accounts on several social media platforms.

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    I developed essential skills to write for a variety of audiences as a professional writing minor.

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    I have experience creating flyers, book covers, business cards, and logos using Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and InDesign.


Adobe Illustrator
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I have developed my design skillset as a professional writing minor in the multimedia communication track at UCSB and web design intern at Starting Lines. To the right are samples of my work created with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Indesign. These samples include a classic book cover I designed for Starting Lines (Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator), a flyer I created to advertise for the Professional Writing Minor information session (Indesign, Photoshop), a flyer I created to advertise for UCSB's Psych and Brain Sciences Department (Adobe Illustrator), another book cover I designed for Starting Lines (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop), a Flyer I designed for to inform students that Starting Lines is now accepting submissions (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop), and a logo I designed for myself (Adobe Illustrator).


  • 09/2016 - 06/2017

    Research Assistant

    Cultural Psychology Lab, UC Santa Barbara

    As a research assistant in the Cultural Psychology Lab, I ran over 200 participants and administered payment or course credit for each participant. I coded the data from these participant trials using SPSS software. In addition, I created over 40 graphs to convey the results of experiments using Excel.

  • 01/2018 - 06/2018

    Research Assistant

    META Lab, UC Santa Barbara

    As a research assistant in the META lab, I coded the data from over 300 participant trials and organized the data using Excel. I also spent several hours each week administering intelligence tests to participants in the lab.

  • 04/2017 - 06/2018

    Undergraduate Researcher

    Cognition and Development Lab, UC Santa Barbara

    As an honors student in the Cognition and Development lab, I develped an experiment evaluating the impact of authority on mind perception and intentional pattern perception. As a part of this experiment I collected data from 125 participants online and 70 participants in the lab. I wrote a 35-page paper and created a poster to convey the results.

  • 03/2018 - 06/2018

    Web Design Intern

    Starting Lines

    As a web design intern for the Starting Lines, I created three drafts for the 17th edition cover. I made several flyers to advertise the publication using Adobe Illustrator. I also edited many of the images included in the publication using Photoshop.


  • 2014 - 2018

    Psychological and Brain Sciences Major

    University of California, Santa Barbara

    The Psychological and Brain Sciences major at UC Santa Barbara focuses on the scientific study of behavior. Over the past four years, I have studied several branches of psychology and developed a good foundation in experimental methods. Learning about how people perceive information and allow it to guide their behavior has been the most beneficial part of the major. This knowledge will benefit me in a marketing career by enriching my understanding of target populations.

  • 2016 - 2018

    Applied Psychology Minor

    University of California, Santa Barbara

    The applied psychology minor complimented my psychology major and gave me the opportunity to take Introduction to Helping Skills, Research in Applied Psychology, Introduction to Educational and Vocational Guidance, and Positive Psychology. These courses introduced me to the clinical applications of psychology in community, agency, and school settings. While the courses I took as a part of my psychology major were largely theoretical, these courses taught me about the practical aspects of the discipline.

  • 2016 - 2018

    Professional Writing Minor, Multimedia Communication

    University of California, Santa Barbara

    The multimedia communication track of the professional writing minor taught me invaluable skills. I learned design principles and how to produce effective multimedia content. I also developed my Creative Cloud skillset, and gained experience with HTML and CSS. The minor has equipped me with the knowledge and tools I need to support my love of design and create content for various audiences.

  • 2017 - 2018

    Technology Management Program Certificate

    University of California, Santa Barbara

    The Technology Management Certificate Program helped me to develop an understanding of business and entrepreneurial practices in global-technology based companies. Courses such as Business Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Market Research, Teams and Talent, and Entrepreneurial Marketing taught me important marketing and business principles. Furthermore, the entire certificate program has bolstered my interest in the field of marketing.